Mission, Vision & Values

Empowered individuals, healthy families, and vibrant communities.

Opening doors by providing services and resources that change lives in the Midlands.

The following values represent our core principles and beliefs which serve as non-negotiables and will not be compromised during the achievement of our mission and the realization of our vision.

We believe in:

Accountability - We are committed to building and maintaining an organization with the highest ethical standards, therefore we will foster and promote a culture of transparency which cultivates public trust and achieves results with integrity.

Community Engagement - We are committed to the belief that all stakeholders offer diverse opinions, perspectives, and input. We will demonstrate our openness and willingness to be inclusive by seeking the representation and participation of diverse stakeholders from the board room to program recipients.

Competency - We value competent, knowledgeable staff motivated to achieve personal and professional growth. We strive to develop and sustain the talent, tools, and techniques which create the culture of a Learning Organization.

Quality - The continuous pursuit of organizational excellence creates opportunities for realizing our full potential. We strive to achieve outstanding customer service and if we fail to meet these standards, we acknowledge it and immediately take actions to rectify the situation.

Compassion - We are sensitive and caring to those we serve and to each other. This belief helps underscore our commitment to our mission and keeps us focused on the needs of the community.

Collaborations and Partnerships - We will intentionally work to connect with and develop win-win relationships with other socially responsive entities aligned with our vision, mission and values to bring needed services to our constituents.