Our history: Midlands Community Development Corporation (MCDC) was birthed from Bible Way Church of Atlas Road as the Bible Way Community Development Corporation (BWCDC). In 1998, BWCDC was approved for exemption as a non-profit organization under the 501(c) 3 Internal Revenue Code. The BWCDC started with the vision of helping others improve their lives and thereby improve the quality of the communities in which they live.

In February 2006, the board of directors voted to change the name from the Bible Way Community Development Corporation to the Midlands Development Corporation (MCDC) so that the service scope and reach of the organization would expand.

Our efforts were greatly enhanced in 2004 when we obtained the C.R. Neal Dream Center, a 33,000 square foot building, which has been updated to include multi-purpose rooms, computer lab, full service cafeteria, health center, instructional space, and tenants with similar community service missions. Today, our reach extends beyond the walls of the C.R. Neal Dream Center into ten surrounding neighborhoods and beyond.

Our mission: "Opening Doors by Providing Services and Resources That Change Lives in the Midlands" captures the essence of Midlands Community Development Corporation's (MCDC) commitment. Through our supports and services, individuals become more empowered to realize their dreams and reach their full potential everyday. As each life improves, the community as a whole improves because empowered people are concerned citizens who contribute their successes to the greater good. MCDC has advanced this mission by providing leadership and services that promote empowered individuals, healthy families, and vibrant communities.

MCDC programs and services are developed around:

It's our belief that these focus areas are at the core of establishing a firm foundation for thriving communities. We encourage program participants to dream daily, inspiring optimism and hope in youth, adults, senior citizens and families as we move ever closer to a brighter tomorrow.